Ruby & Juniper

He popped the question with a ring that he had designed himself, featuring a gorgeous diamond that he had hand picked just for me. My hands jumped up to cover the excited grin on my face as the tears began to flow. Despite the dim lighting in the restaurant, there wasn't an eye in that room who didn't notice the moment we were sharing at the table in the corner. I had to catch my breath to be able to choke out the word "yes" as he nervously waited on his knee for my answer. He always reminds me that it felt like forever. The whole room of fellow diners erupted in cheers and congratulations and couple after couple came over to us and told us their own stories of love.
Every piece of jewelry has a story; it is received, chosen, and cherished with emotion. Jewelry isn't just something we give or wear, but a symbol of love, and a constant reminder of the memories shared.

Creating and restoring jewelry has been a passion of ours for this reason. It is an honor to be a part of so many stories. It is our hope that the jewelry we make can continue to create memories for generations to come.

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